Apps Privacy Policy

This was last modified on October 4, 2017.

  1. Software

    Nobex software does not send any user information when connecting to the internet.

  2. Email addresses

    Some Nobex products require the user’s email address. This address is used to send emails which the user has explicitly requested Nobex Technologies to send, to confirm registration of the product, or to provide product updates from Nobex Technologies. This email address will not be shared with any other company.

  3. Non-personal information

    Nobex may bundle and share the non-personal information they collect from users with advertisers, third parties, trusted partners and affiliates so that they display advertising that better suits the user' interests. Nobex may aggregate personally identifiable information with information about others. In that case they will make the information non-personally identifiable by removing any name and other characteristics that would identify the user. Nobex may use and/or share the resulting non-PII with third parties. Anyone may choose to opt-out from allowing Nobex to provide non-PII to certain partners, by sending them an email to